Fund Raising Done For You
From A - Z for FREE

  1. An Online Catalog of Products to Choose From - DIY DesignStudio
  2. An Online Catalog of Designs and / or Logos to Choose From - DIY DesignStudio
  3. The Ability to Submit Your Own Design
  4. A Free Single or Store Front E-commerce Website We Build and Maintain to Sell a Product of Your Choosing
  5. We Provide and Maintain the Inventory
  6. We Provide Payment Processing
  7. We Provide the Printing of Logos or Designs to Your Product
  8. We Provide the Packaging, Handling and Shipping of Your Products When Sold
  9. We Mail the Purchased Products to Your Customers at NO Charge to You
  10. We Keep Track of Your Sold Products
  11. We Provide Customer Service
  12. We Handle Any Return Issues
  13. We Provide Satisfaction Guaranteed Service
  14. We Mail You a Check for the Funds You Raised

Your Responsibility

  1. Create or Choose a Product and a Design to Be Imprinted on It.
  2. Decide When to Start and End Your Campaign
  3. Decide How Much You Want to Charge for the Product
  4. Decide What Your Sales Goal Is
  5. Write a Paragraph About Your Cause and Include a Photo or Video if Possible
  6. That's It!