Prospangle Bling Machine

The ProSpangle spangle transfer machine, also called a sequin transfer machine, is the most advanced spangle transfer system on the market today and gives you MAXIMUM BLING for your garments.

You get your choice of 6 colors or sizes per design, so you can produce incredibly high impact, colorful t-shirts and spangle transfers at a speed that no other technology can match.

Color and finish choices include 27 different holographic varieties of ProSpangle colors (also called threadless sequins). Also, we create true SPANGLE transfers – with NO HOLES. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference having solid discs of holographic color with out the donut hole in a sequin showing the shirt material through, unlike those produced with a standard sequin transfer machine. Plus 6 colors and sizes means that we can make almost any customers design request a reality and give you your own imagination the room it needs to impress.