The cost is completely free to launch and run a Fundraising campaign using our platform. Each individual customer will have their own unique fundraising website or webstore.

Each customer’s campaign has a print minimum, which is the number of products needed to sell in order to cover the cost of the products, printing, etc. After the minum costs are met you will start raising funds for your cause.

Costs for orders are based on product choice, the number of colors you chose to print on either one or both sides of the item and the selling price you set for your products. The more products you sell, the lesser the cost per product thus the more money you will be able raise for your cause. As long as the minimum print costs have been met there will be no cost incrued by you.

Your orders then will be guaranteed to ship. Also there is no limit or ceiling as to how much your campaign can raise. Fund Raising DFY (Done For You) is completely risk free.

If your campaign doesn’t sell enough to reach your print minimum before your fundraising campaign ends, your purchasers will be refunded the products will not be printed or shipped.

There are no hidden costs. The only other cost is a processing fee that is incurred when anyone purchases you product using a credit card. Current processing fees are 2.9% in addition to .35 per transaction.

The length of time you can run your campaign is up to you but its highly recommended not to exceed six weeks. Its also recommended to run your campaign for a minimum of two weeks.

You can edit your page any time during your campaign.  If you need help doing so, we can do that for you too.

No, there is no requirement to make anything.  You can simply choose the products you want, the colors to use on the printing, you can choose premade designs or logos and we’ll build the webstore or page for you.

You are required to create a paragraph about the cause for your fund raising but it most definitely increases its ability to succeed with having some verbiage and photos or video about it.  But its up to you.